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Glossary of Geology

19.99 usd

*** Special Introductory $10 Discount through March 31, 2016 ***This indispensable reference tool contains nearly 40,000 entries of terms used in the earth and environmental science literature. Long considered the definitive reference by geoscientists and other students and professionals needing fully supported and detailed definitions of earth science terms. Long published as a 800+ page hardbound book, the app version provides all of the rich content with the portability and power of searching the entire glossary. In addition to definitions, many entries include background information. The Glossary draws its authority from the expertise of the more than 100 geoscientists in many specialties who reviewed definitions and added new terms. This is a must-have for all geoscientists, engineers working with earth-related issues, and students and other professionals.
Special enhancements for this version of the app include:* Full-text search* Search using wildcards (%)* Browse by letter* Hyperlinked See-Also* Flag and store terms* Share terms and definitions* Special access to AGI's GeoWord of the Day with a simple touch